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Methods & Process


Pressure technique
This professional technique enables us to repair your vehicle without painting. Lever tools are used to remove the dent when carefully kneading the back surface of the damaged metal sheet.  

PDR-Team – Hagelschaden – Privatkunde – Klebetechnik

Glue pulling
Inaccessible components of the vehicle like the roof frame are repaired by means of the adhesive method. This means that an adapter is shortly glued on the dent with a special hot glue and then pulled off using a slide hammer. The metal sheet deforms to that effect and the technician can now press it back into its original shape.


Range of services

PDR (Paintless Dent Repair), the modern dent removal technique

Our response to hail damages: Professional Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). This special method enables us to effectively and gently remove all dents in your car. Cost-intensive steps like smoothing, grinding and painting are omitted and the original painting of your vehicle is preserved, and therefore also the warranty services of the manufacturer.

That is why we call the Paintless Dent Repair of PDR-Team smart: it is …

  • value conserving
  • rapid, professional and of high quality
  • certified, warrantable and environmentally friendly
  • up to 60% more cost effective than a traditional hail dent repair

After thorough examination of the damage pattern as well as a documentation of previous damages, all dents are completely removed. Thus, the bodywork gets back to its original shape.

Hail damages without headaches

Cheer up! It is easier to get rid of hail damages and even parking dents than you might think! PDR-Team offers you the following services:

  • Rapid order acceptance and processing in its service network throughout Europe
  • Direct settlement with your insurance company
  • PDR: Professional Paintless Dent Repair – after impacts of various kinds, from a diameter of several millimetresup  to 10 centimetres
  • Fully informed thanks to online tracking of the repair status
  • After a short repair time, you get back your cleaned vehicle
  • 5 years corrosion warranty on our repairs

The optimal value preservation for your vehicle

Don’t allow hail damages to reduce the value of your vehicle or to create problems at the end of a leasing period when returning your vehicle! Especially if there are different damages due to daily use the cost effective dent removal technique of PDR-Team is the first choice.


for the repair of your vehicle

We are happy that you chose to have your vehicle repaired by us!

Please respect the following points so that the claims settlement may take place as quickly as possible:

  1. Preparation
    • Please bring the expert’s report of your insurance along to the repair appointment!
    • We also need the registration document to register your vehicle.
    • Ideally, you bring your vehicle in a cleaned state so that the damages are clearly visible.
    • Please do not leave any valuables in the vehicle since we assume no liability for these.
  2. Vehicle acceptance
    • During vehicle acceptance, our collaborator will inspect the vehicle together with you and discuss and document possible previous damages.
    • Our collaborator will give you a collection date and will also inform you if we have to delay the completion date due to unexpected repair steps.
    • If you want a replacement vehicle from us we will hand it over to you at this point.
  3. Repair
    • If the repair effort is higher than calculated by the expert, we will contact him or the insurance company ourselves (approval obtaining inclusive).
    • You can track the repair status of your vehicle online and you will receive a message as soon as your vehicle is ready to be collected.
  4. Vehicle handover
    • Please fill up the replacement vehicle before taking over your repaired and cleaned vehicle!
  5. Invoice
    • You will soon receive a copy of the invoice which we send to your insurance company at the same time.
    • Your possible deductible is to be paid directly to us – either in cash when collecting your vehicle or via bank transfer.
    • We claim the remaining amount directly from your insurance company.


Service nonstop – you can always query your current repair status.

Tracing hail damage repair directly online

Your vehicle and your satisfaction are of great importance to us. That is why we do everything we can to restore your vehicle to its original state.

While the hail experts and dent specialists of PDR-Team are working for you, we will inform you nonstop on the repair status.